Thursday, September 25, 2008

Animation Work

It's been a little while, I've been extra busy now that school has started and I'm interning again too. But here's a little bit of progress in my animating. This shot is part of my final animation that I'm working on for class. The first clip is what I turned in and the second is a work in progress, with revisions from my in-class critique. If anyone else has more suggestions I would really appreciate it, because in terms of animating, I still have a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go.


EricWu said...

I like the second balloon pop because of the longer swing after the explosion but I was wondering where the needle went.

Anyways, where are you interning at?

KiJeon Nam said...

The second one is definitely an improvment with the overlapping action in the leftover piece of the balloon. One question though: Is the popping animation done on 1s or 2s? There seems to be a single frame in the second animation that shows the balloon popping, but I would prefer to see a few more drawings shot on 1s showing the pieces fly off, kind of like what you have in the first animation, but in a wider range like what you have in the second animation. Additionally, the scribbly lines indicating the pop seem questionable to me. I would get rid of it or replace with sharper, diagonal lines. Just my two cents. =P And like Eric, I do wonder where the needle went? =)

jenfuj said...

mr eric-

yeah, i still need to put that needle in there. i'm being lazy right now. :) I'm interning with Zoic Studios in Culver City. Lotsa fun!! :D

mr kijeon-

the popping is on 2s, and i'll try adding more frames with the balloon pieces flying off, along with the needle. MAYBE the needle was so fast it popped the balloon and fell behind the explosion? eh? eh? okay, maybe not. haha

Catherine J. Cruz said...

hey jen, how are ya?

i missed dana's class last monday and i was wondering if you could quickly explain to me what we need to do for tom?

sorry to get a hold of you this way. Dana just gave us emails but he didn't post anything on blackboard as far as what was due. :\

i would super appreciate it. thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

i want more art! where have you been?