Thursday, May 29, 2008

2nd Apple

Here's my 2nd apple, this one was done with Acrylic brushes.

Also, after comparing the acrylic apple to the airbrushed apple, I decided to try and give the airbrushed one more volume. This apple was problematic for me because a number of reasons, but mainly because when I started it the light source was very even due to the classroom's fluorescent lights. I think my adjustments helped a little, but I lost some of the detail.


sideache said...

Excellent Job JEN!! Bravo

Chris Silva said...

uhh... Jen, that is really good and I think your going to be a natural in Cliffs class. I can't wait to see your first painting. Good stuff.

Mike Nassar said...

yeah, these look great. I like your revision on the below apple.